You are a volume in the divine book, a mirror to the power that created the universe, whatever you want ask it of yourself, whatever you’re looking for can only be found inside of you.
Rumi (via die-thylamide)
I have an ache in my bones
that only subsides when you press your lips against mine
And I no longer feel like I’m going to collapse on the ground
But when your arms are wrapped around my waist
I can feel that I’m sturdier
And like I can stand on my own two feet without the wind blowing me over
And when you slip your hand into mine
I feel like I can carry the weight of the world,
When before it felt the like a rain drop could crush me into a million pieces
And most of all,
When you sigh the words ‘I love you’
into my mouth
I feel like nothing in my past can hurt me
And that I’m no longer afraid of the space around me
I know I shouldn’t use you as medicine
But I’ve never felt this powerful

You give me life: Carol Shlyakhova(strong-but-breakable)


man i need more tattoos
i feel nakie



Sleeping with his favorite Snorlax

my heart